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Spine surgery has seen it all !!!

In our initial days of practice, we used to see predominantly elderly people with a backache coming to a spine clinic. But to our surprise, we see lots of young people presenting to the clinic these days. This changing trend we see is because of lifestyle modifications happening in our current generation.

By lifestyle modifications I mean
a. Change in the food habits which encompass fast food and packed food culture. This saves few seconds but deprives our body of essential nutrients and exposes it to harmful preservatives which have carcinogenic potential.
b. Lack of exercises, no sunlight exposure, whole day sitting job, bad postures etc..


  •  PREVENTIVE: To prevent spine problems in young individuals by educating them by conducting lectures, workshops and symposium
  • THERAPEUTIC: To treat patients who have already got spinal problems
Back pain is the most common reason people self-treat and seeks medical advice. It is studied to affect approximately three in four individual. 
als during their lifetime. When we talk about “back pain” we mean pain that originates in the spine anywhere between the upper and lower back.

Treatment for back pain varies from medicines, physiotherapy, spinal injections to surgery. Majority of the patients get benefitted with non-operative treatment. Only a few of them require surgery.

Sancheti spine department offers a wide range of treatment varying from state of art physio, ergonomics training, postural correction and modified yoga classes, pain management clinic to a complete surgical solutions in all areas of spine.

Patient Testimonials

  • Anonymous
    “Much appreciate all the treatment and care, very professional and least inclined towards extensive medication but more natural exercises. Been extremely supportive. Thankful.”
  • Manisha
    “It was a superb experience with Dr. The staff was kind and helpful. My overall journey with Dr was great! And I would recommend everyone to go and visit doc if you face any challenges. In short it's ONE STOP for all your Orthopedic Problems. ”
  • Sonali Hadambar
    “ "Passionate about work and Compassionate about people!!" This is Sonali, working as Senior Software Engineer in one of the IT giant in Pune. Here I am throwing some lights on my great experience with one of the best Spine Surgeon, Dr. Ajay Kothari from Sancheti Hospital Pune. I have been consulting to Dr. Ajay Kothari for Lumbar Wedge Compression Fracture. I still remember the day on which I had hard fall incident and was in very bad pain. So initially for time being I consulted to one of the hospital nearby me, however I was not getting that confidence and better relief. Then with my one of the friend’s reference I heard about Dr. Ajay Kothari. Immediately I visited him as I was in very much of back pain due to fall injury. As soon as I connected with him, very first he helped me to relieve my worries with his soft spoken words, “You will be fine very soon and could return back to regular routine as before”. This was the trigger point where I got half of the relief and the confidence. Then with his precise diagnosis and treatment, in couple of days only I started feeling better. With every follow up visit he kept me motivating which helped me a lot for speedy recovery. He is very much commendable & quick with his diagnosis and the line of treatment. Also he is not only attentive but also compassionate towards patients. Importantly, he always try to go for root cause of problem and possible issues associated with it, about which we might not be aware about .There exactly he helped by explaining the things and made me aware . He is always approachable for the patients. He is empathetic, great listener and genuinely concerned about his patients well-being. Throughout he’s been very patient while responding to my queries. I would say he is a great asset in Today’s Medical Era, where he has been helping people with utmost care and doing great amount of contribution in society’s well-being, through different channels of digitalization as well. I am very Grateful and Thankful to him for his help and support throughout.And yes, now I am back to my regular routine as he said in very first conversation!! Thanks a ton!! ”
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Sancheti Hospital 16, Shivaji Nagar, Pune - 411005, Maharashtra, India

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