Back Pain

Dr. Ajay Kothari

Different types of back pain.

 Acute back pain is severe but lasts short period of time.

Chronic back pain usually occurs daily. Can be severe occasionally, usually nature of pain is mild, dull aching, increases with activity, reduces with rest.

Lumbar radicular pain : Back or neck pain pain that travels into leg or arms respectively  is considerd as  radicular pain, especially  when it is radiating  below the knee and elbow. This suugests compression of a nerve which leads to condition called sciatica in leg and brachialgia in arms

It is common for back pain to be associated with symptoms, as tingling and numbness sensations,weakness, stiffness and occasionally involvement of bowel and bladder sensation which is known as cauda equina syndrome. It is an emergency in spine where the pinched nerve roots have to be freed immediately


Back Pain

Neck Pain

Spondylolisthesis-One spinal bone is slipped over the other

Prolapsed intervertebral disc (commonly known as slipped disc)

Spinal fractures

Osteoporosis in spine (weak bones)

Spinal deformities- Scoliosis and Kyphosis- commonly known as crooked spine

Spinal Infections- Tuberculosis, puogenic, fungal etc

Spinal Tumours- malignant and benign

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