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Lumbar Slipped Disc Patient treated non surgically|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Non Surgical treatment of Lumbar slipped disc

An International patient from Iran was advised surgery for her Lumbar Spine. She visited Pune especially to consult with Dr Ajay Kothari, Spine Surgeon and Unit Head at Sancheti hospital, Pune.
She was treated Non surgically under the guidance of Dr Ajay Kothari with Lumbar pain block(Lumbar Selective Nerve Root Block Injection). She got completely better and is back to Iran and managing complete household work happily without any pain & complaints. She also lost around 15kg weight as she could exercise well after the treatment.

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Patient from Afghanistan showing his gratitude to Dr Ajay Kothari.|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
International Patient advised surgical treatment, treated non surgically by Dr Ajay Kothari

A Patient from Afghanistan was advised to major surgery for Lumbar Spine in his country. Though he looked for the other options and that is how he landed up in India to meet Dr. Ajay Kothari, Consultant Spine Surgeon and unit head at Sancheti Hospital. Under the guidance of Dr. Ajay, He was treated non surgically with Pain Block Treatment (Lumbar Facet and Nerve Root Block Injection).

He got completely recovered and after his follow up at 6 months he came back to show his gratitude towards Dr. Kothari with a box full of dry fruits as a token of appreciation. The Smile and relief of patients always motivated him to the best - says Dr. Ajay Kothari. 

International Patient from Dubai treated Non Surgically|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
International Patient Suffering from Cervical Disc Prolapse treated Non Surgically
An International Patient from Dubai has visited Dr. Ajay Kothari, Spine Surgeon & Unit Head at Sancheti Hospital, Pune. She had
a Cervical Disc Prolapse - it is diagnosed when the inner core of a disc in the neck herniates or leaks out of the disc, and presses on an adjacent nerve root. It usually develops in the 30-to-50-year-old age group. While a cervical disc may originate from some sort of trauma or neck injury, the symptoms commonly start spontaneously.

She was in Excruciating Pain. Dr. Kothari brings hope and happiness to her life while treating her non surgically with medications, physiotherapy, and Cervical Pain Block(selective nerve root block injection).

Within 10 days tone, she recovered completely and was back to Dubai and is successfully and comfortably doing her business
Dr. Ajay Kothari|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Technological advancements, desi implants make spine surgeries safe and cost-effective
Until early February, Ajinath Khilari (27) from Shanisingnapur needed four pillows to sleep. When standing against a wall, his head would be 30cm ahead away because of the hunch on his back. Barely three feet tall then, his self-confidence was at the nadir.
After a detailed examination, special x-rays, MRI scans, Khilari went under the knife following an extensive planning. Kothari completed the complex deformity correction surgery well under three hours. “I am a relieved and happy man now,” Khilari told TOI two days after he underwent the surgery at Sancheti Hospital. Kothari finds it more challenging to clear misconceptions about spine problems than the complicated surgery he conducted on Khilari. He said, “There is a taboo about coming forward with scoliosis because the patient and their family members frequently face superstitious statements like it is a curse of god. Patients usually come to doctors at late stages because of stigma and lack of knowledge that scoliosis is completely curable.”
ParamPujya Mahant Swami Maharaj|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
ParamPujya Mahant Swami Maharaj
It was an honour to treat the Global patriarch of SWAMINARAYAN COMMUNITY, ParamPujya Mahant swami maharaj..
He is 84 years old but has a magnetic personality, sharp acumen and has a noble heart..
May God give him long life and good health.
The best orthopedic doctors in pune
Dr. Ajay Kothari is ranked amongst the top three orthopaedic surgeons in Pune. Dr Kothari best spine consultant in pune who treats the patient with back pain, neck pain and spine related problems like Slip disc etc . He usually opts for a non surgical treatment option and emphasises of strenghtening exercises.He is trained in minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. To book an appointment call on 7887569569
Non Surgical Pain Block treatment
Lady had continuous shooting pain in her left leg due to which she was not able to do her day to day activities like walking was advised surgery..however Dr Ajay kothari treated her non surgically with selective nerve root block and advanced physio now completely recovered better of to do her daily chores independently.
Pain block therapy-Dr. Ajay Kothari|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Pain block therapy - Dr. Ajay Kothari
Therapeutic nerve blocks are used to treat painful conditions. Such nerve blocks contain local anesthetic that can be used to control acute pain. So Now it is not necessary to undergo a surgery to treat or manage your pains. To know more about these non surgical treatment options Read this informative  article by, Spine consultant pune Dr. Ajay Kothari
Spine surgeon in Pune Dr. Ajay Kothari On Radio Mirchi 93.9 FM|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Spine surgeon in Pune Dr. Ajay Kothari On Radio Mirchi 93.9 FM
Do you suffer from Back pain or Fractures?
It Could be Osteoporosis. Listen how to prevent fractures and have strong bones by spine surgeon by Dr. Ajay Kothari On 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi on 20th Oct 7 am to 11 pm.
Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Back Pain Treatment by Dr. Ajay Kothari - Spine Surgeon in Pune
Once in our life time we face the problem of back pain or spine problems.This problem is so common that many of us have to face backache, backpain or spine problems. This problem has reached to everyone right from old people to small children. Inactive lifestyle, inappropriate diet, ageing of the elderly due to increased age, and many other reasons generally are the causes of this disorder.This disorder appears more often in older people, so many people ignore it thinking it is age related. Diseases like fever or cold cannot be understood from outside. So what are the reasons behind this and what are the modern treatment methods? You can learn more about this from your own Spine Consultant in Pune Dr. Ajay Kothari

Date:- Saturday 27th October

Time:- 4:00 to 5:30

Venue:- Vardhaman Pratisthan, Senapati Bapat Road,

Opposite Ratna Hospital, Lane near Audi Showroom,
Shivajinagar, Pune

Contact:- 25656680
Connect with your Doctor for video consultation|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Connect with your Doctor for video consultation
Good News for long distance patients!

Now connect with your Doctor for video consultation right from the comfort of your home. Register on Reclica and start a secured and private video consultation/ text consultation with your favourite doctor- Spine Consultant Dr Ajay Kothari.

To know more call us on 8408878877
Spine surgeon Dr Ajay Kothari with Ex Indian Hockey Captain Mr. Sandeep Singh|Dr. Ajay Kothari|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Non- surgical treatment to the Ex Indian Hockey Captain Mr. Sandeep Singh
Ex Indian Hockey Captain Mr. Sandeep Singh is currently undergoing spine treatment with Dr. Ajay Kothari at Sancheti Hospital Pune.He has been treated with selective nerve root block and aggressive physio. He is recovering well.Dr. Ajay Kothari and Dr. Parag Sancheti expressed satisfaction over his progress. 

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