Cervical Spine Surgery

A 31-year-old male came to the outdoor patient department with complaints of neck pain since 2 months, with the pain radiating to right upper limb.It was associated with tingling and numbness and weakness and imbalance while walking.He was seen in the OPD by Dr.Ajay Kothari, consulting spine surgeon at Sancheti hospital.A fresh MRI was ordered along with digital x-rays of the cervical spine.The patient was diagnosed by Dr.kothari as a case of C3-C4 prolapsed intervertebral disc with cervical myelopathy which means compression of the spinal cord in the cervical spine.
Patient and relative were explained about the problem in detail and need for surgery was explained as the patient had the risk of being completely paralyzed.Relatives were very worried about the success rate of spine surgery.
Dr.Kothari explained them in detail about the modern surgical advancements the use of stabilization techniques, faster recovery is easily possible and that patient is made ambulatory immediately on the second day of surgery.so surgery in the form of cervical decompression with stabilization was planned.Surgery went on for 1 hours and patiently tolerated the procedure well and the surgery was completely uneventful.The patient showed good signs of recovery.Physiotherapy as per the protocol was started on day 1.The patient was made to stand on the second day and made to walk on day 3 after surgery.The patient was completely pain-free and started walking individually with walker support on day 5 after surgery.
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